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Free Body Diagram

In physics and engineering, a free body diagram (force diagram, or FBD) is a graphical illustration used to visualize the applied forces, movements, and resulting reactions on a body in a given condition. They depict a body or connected bodies with all the applied forces and moments, and reactions, which act on the body(ies). The body may consist of multiple internal members, (such as a truss ), or be a compact body (such as a beam). A series of free bodies and other diagrams may be necessary to solve complex problems.
Free body diagrams are used to visualize the forces and moments applied to a body and calculate the resulting reactions, in many types of mechanics problems. Most free body diagrams are used both to determine the loading of individual structural components as well as calculating internal forces within the structure in almost all engineering disciplines from Biomechanics to Structural. In the educational environment, learning to draw a free body diagram is an important step in understanding certain topics in physics, such as statics, dynamics and other forms of classical mechanics. 

Credit:- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_body_diagram

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